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Even for a conoisseur is impossible to decide which is the best Andy Tauer’s rose’s perfume: Une Rose Vermeille, Une Rose Chypré or PHI Une Rose de Kandahar. Absolutely exquisite gourmand natural rose’s oils (in the case of Une Rose Vermeille, from Bulgary), expensive beyond a man wildest dreams, Andy Tauer has the genius to create a very different rose’s take. To pick one, I decided not to go for the darkest, vanilled one (Une Rose Chyprée), neither for the cleanest (on my nose, despite the long technical notes…). I’ve taken to the red fruity touch with the real essential oil from Fiji Sandalwood. This is the rose at its most pure, high level. And roses are the queen of perfumery, aren’t they? No further comment!

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Top: Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender
Heart: Rose, Violet, Raspberry
Base: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tonka, Ambergris

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