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Peach is surely the most vulgar note on perfumery (with tropical fruits) in the last two or three decades. In the past, peach was used to please the gods of the Olympus (let’s not forget the one and only Mitsouko and the power of Coco Chanel), but the use of vulgar syntetic lactones troubled that unique aura. And then, Amandine Marie had an inspiration and designed Peche Cardinal: since Mitsouko, never the gamma and delta-decalactone have been so well blended (Artemisia, berries, tuberose and musky wood). I hope I find a woman in the street using Peche Cardinal: I will get down on one knee and beg her to marry me.

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Top: Artemisia, Peach, Coconut, Blackberry and Black currant
Heart: Tuberose, Plum and Lily
Base: Cedar, Sandalwood and Musk

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