• We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.


Posted By SOTD CLUB, 8th January 2016

  B-R-U-T-A-L: animal leather melted with humid herbal notes. Lasts for hours. Always the same strong scent. Exclusively male. If you have the guts, don't hesitate.

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Pomegranate Noire

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 7th January 2016

  A light but very long-lasting fruity (pomegranate, raspberry, rhubarb…) scent. Please tell me if you are going to bite me. If not, I will combine it with Explorer (by …

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Traversée du Bosphore

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 6th January 2016

  The scent of Istanbul: to walk around Sultanahmet, have a cup of tea at Pera Palace… and also leave opening night drinks at Angélique and wait for the sunrise at Rei …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 5th January 2016

  "Chloe, leave your luggage out of your tubereuse. Islam women go crazy about it. That's why they are not allowed to smell that flower".

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Daim Bond

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 4th January 2016

  From the long Serge Luten's vademecum, one of our preferred noses considers DM the best SL perfume. We know him: a fougère bouquet with a very light leathery vibe. Ama …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 1st January 2016

  The up and coming of Indult brand (by Mr. Francis Kurkdjian) on a classical delicious perfect vanilla accord. Une grande dame!

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Eau de Fleur de L’ Oranger

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 31st December 2015

  Mad et Len's smashing dark petigrain lifted with a geranio/minty touch and heavy musc. Powerfull and beautiful. The scent of a Sauvignon Blanc.

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Juniper Sling

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 30th December 2015

  Gin London Nº 1; Tonic Fever Tree Indian B; lime, zymbro, black pepper. A classical gin tonic. It's not a weird hype. It's the truth.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 29th December 2015

  Vero Kern is a genius at creating perfumes like Coty, Dlatroff, Guerlain. Imperial natural oils, ultra complexity (in Mito, green herbal with the classicism of champaca …

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Multiple Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 28th December 2015

  Vero Kern and "Christophe's" (Laudamiel) are the most impressive geniuses of this century. MR is ahead of its time: fruity vibes on an atomic speed crashing into ozonic …

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Putain des palaces

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 25th December 2015

  7 a.m. Powdery roses in the air. I hate the guy who is sleeping in my bed. "Baby, it's time you to leave!"

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 24th December 2015

  The complete error on the conception of the perfume ("blamage" in German means shame, failure) leads to a sweet, gourmand with some flowered, light oudish allure. A "Gr …

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In pursuit of magic

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 23rd December 2015

  Amazing sprinkles of citrus zest jumping on a beautiful haxixe shadow. We are absolutely in love with it.

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Eau de New York

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 22nd December 2015

  So many beautiful notes, but overall a cutting edge neroli based perfume. Can Neroli's Profumum Roma match up to it??  

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 21st December 2015

  In theory, Mojave is only to be worn on lumbersexual's flannel shirt and anti-trimmed beard.  

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Opulent Classic 77

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 18th December 2015

  Look at the packaging. Look at the bottle. Exquisite, classy, opulent finesse, as is the juice inside. A grand Fougère.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 17th December 2015

  Creed is the most aristocratic lineage of perfumery. It couldn't create a provocative perfume. Aventus pineapple, apple, musky air, it's so fucking good!

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 16th December 2015

  And then during the 6th Dynasty, the only dynasty on perfumery, Aventus was born (by Olivier Creed Sixth Generation and Erwin Creed Seventh Generation) and 90% of revie …

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Lavender Palm

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 15th December 2015

  A Yann Vasnier trace in this creation for the TF' Private Line. TF's summer scent: everything is beautiful, elegant and balanced.

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Pear and Olive

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 14th December 2015

  Slumberhouse is the new hype and Pear + Olive (and not the boring Jeke) is the flagship scent. What more can I say?

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 11th December 2015

  Old Piguet's scent upcoming: again heavy aldehydes, bulgarian rose, jasmine, iris and violet circled by musky powdery notes. Piguet's winning formula.  

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Geranium pour monsieur

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 10th December 2015

  The complexity of a minty, geranium take, made bold with spicy, sandaled vibes. A Dominique Ropion masterpiece, which is the same as saying an absolute masterpiece. …

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Intelligence and Fantasy Vol. 1

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 9th December 2015

  Amazing start to dedicate a perfume to outstanding gifted women (in this case Christiane Stenger). Geza Schoen left behind his minimal approach and on this 1st number …

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Orange Star

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 8th December 2015

  End of the afternoon at SLS Miami. You are on the other side of the pool. I feel your brown sugared orange skin oil, loaded with tonka (vanilla) since you arrived on yo …

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Invasion Barbare

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 7th December 2015

You're nobody without Invasion Barbare        

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