• We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.

Oud Wood

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 19th February 2016

  An oud for upper level fashion class. A fresh, spicy oud, ultra wearable and a killer for a night out. Wear it on a black Tom Ford suit at a Buddakan NYC.

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English Fern

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 18th February 2016

  1890's classic fougère: lavender sandalwood, patchouli and oakmoss. This is Penhaligon's!

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 17th February 2016

  Natural oud produced in 1980 and bottled 2 years ago. Priceless discovery suggested by Chris. 2 other frags rely on my bank safe box.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 16th February 2016

  Search the olfactory pyramid: what I can get is a cozy, comfortable combination of dried flowers, leaves, waxy powdery woods. Natural craftwork at high end level. I hav …

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Royale de Naples

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 15th February 2016

  Mad et Len continues to impress. This is a dark rose iris tango. An automatic drive to my girlfriend's signature scent.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 12th February 2016

  Miller's minimal frags have an appointment inside, in Spiritus, it is like a coffee bean, but the composition is herbal, spicy with touches of ginger, some dry teak wod …

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Aoud Queen Roses

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 11th February 2016

  The synthetic oud vibe fades away in 15ms and then after a final touch up on your make-up, you'll be the most feminine girl on the dark side of the ballroom.

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Jasmin Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 10th February 2016

  Some women go crazy with it. Me too, when I am allowed to follow the waft of the scent of their air. Crazy with the jasmin vibe? Or with the sage, mandarin, pintch of g …

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Fougère Royale

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 9th February 2016

  In 1882, Paul Parquet, an absolute genius on perfumery, invented the first fougère (fern/coumarin/lavender) based perfume: FR. Since then fougère is the most popular …

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War of the Roses

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 8th February 2016

  Nice black bottle for a floral musky fragrance. Perhaps too sharp as the musky and the lily-of-the-valley notes are a little synthetic and it wars the delicacy of the r …

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Smoke for the Soul

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 5th February 2016

  Pure bling bling luxury brand combined with cocoa or with cannabis? Amazingly dry cannabis leaves (also a mild tobacco) with a spice hint of cardamom/mate/birch and rat …

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Molecule 01

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 4th February 2016

  It is a juice inside a perfume frag? Ladies and gentlement, this is only the molecule "Iso E Super". It fades away and appears, it fades and appears, like a funny woody …

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Don’t get me wrong baby I don’t swallow

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 3rd February 2016

  But is it mandatory?

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Cuero dela Toscana

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 2nd February 2016

  A lighter and summerish version of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather by a Spanish perfume designer. This guy rebuilds another "old/other" scents. Is he a follower or does he ju …

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Tobacco Vanille

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 1st February 2016

  A bowl of tobacco leaves rounded by vanilla and cocoa and tonka beans. Amazingly brutal. Women lower their defenses. I believe it's why a friend bought 10 bottles in a …

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Fleurs de Bulgarie

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 29th January 2016

  Queen Victoria perfume (1845). Admirable roses from Bulgaria. I bow down to you, your Hignhess!

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For Men

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 28th January 2016

  Combining Pierre Bourdon and Frederic Malle leads to the most elegant and refined men's perfume. I always have 3 bottles in my "Dandy's box".

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 27th January 2016

  Such high expectations for this new Alessandro Gualtieri line. Far from the dull Boccanera, but with the same sweet vibe, Brutus has a surprisingly fresh spicy notes. I …

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Aqua Motu

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 26th January 2016

  Missing a day on the beach. Let's have salty and ozoned perfume.

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Acqua Viva

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 25th January 2016

  That's why I like these guys: can't make a single skin scent, not even in a salty lemon based perfume. Always deep! Diving in the Mediterranean  sea.

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Eau d’Italie

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 22nd January 2016

  Lunch at the Sireneuse Hotel's terasse: "- Slave, go to my room and bring the fragrance!". Berries combined with magnolia and light tuberose (how I love tuberose) with …

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Idole de Lubin Eau de Parfum

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 21st January 2016

  Reformulating Sir Francis Drake old scents: rum, sugar cane, some citruses. Dreaming of conquering pacific coast islands.

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“X” for Men

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 20th January 2016

  Clive's signature "the most expensive perfume in the world" leads some noses/trendsetters to hate their perfumes. I adore them. I wear it when I want to feel like a ban …

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New Haarlem

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 19th January 2016

  Enjoy a sharp and injectable dose of a Caffe Vanille Starbucks Frapuccino: large size

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 18th January 2016

  Nobody works tonka bean on perfumary like Mona di Orio (perhaps Thierry Wasser comes the closest). And the tonka/vanille allure is the hallmark of MdO scents. Here, an …

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Ninfeo Mio

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 15th January 2016

  6am in the morning at Ninfeo gardens: Italian lemon and the "limpid" scent of galbanum for the shy sun at dawn. I walk, powdery fig leaves come into me.

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Rose Noir

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 14th January 2016

  "- Do I care about the synthethic musk-rose combo if this one is so feminine and elegant? This time, Clark, it's up to me to say: '- Frankly, I don't give a damn' ". 

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Lyric Man

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 13th January 2016

  Can a man scatter rose petals around him? Of course, when in a combo of rough oud or in this case, a very subtle and classy incense, bergamot and vanille are added.

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What we do in Paris is a secret

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 12th January 2016

  Let's go there again? And shall we chase this Dominique Ropion's balmy and sweet secret reverie?

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Jubilation XXV

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 11th January 2016

  It seems that 50% of the world considers it the best perfume. The other 49.9% is almost as affirmative. But some people simply don't understand it. What do you think?

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