• We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.


Posted By SOTD CLUB, 1st April 2016

  The mere naked Naomi Campbel's campaign for Imperatrice by Mario Testino justifies buying it!

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 31st March 2016

  In a small store in Marrakech, I found the new Gucci Pour Homme (I). With ingredients from Grasse. Explore it.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 30th March 2016

  Where one of the most high end Cognac brands (Frapin) creates a super dense and bold Clément Cuvée Homère rhum. An over 40 lady/man killer: this means you'll have to …

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Rose 31

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 29th March 2016

  Rose 31: 31 is the number of the notes in this perfume!!! Can you identify them? Overall a woody, powdery rose (and some frankincense). A scent perfect for women and me …

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Tabac Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 28th March 2016

  Pierre Guillaume's masterpiece on Phaedon brand: sophistication on spicy tobacco, cocoa and some vanilla. Much more sophisticated and elegant than Tobacco Vanille (Tom …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 25th March 2016

  B. Duchaufour (2013) created a beautiful flowered perfume that gains warmth and sweetness. It is modern (the hand of "God" Duchaufour), but it's definitively Penhaligon …

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Tom Ford Extreme

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 24th March 2016

  Unique scent. More than parts agarwood, cider, tuber or lemon (not so obvious). For man, but my wife dies for it!

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Un bois vanille

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 23rd March 2016

  Complexity at high end level: from vanilla/tonka, coffee/ chocolate/almond, musk and woods. Perfect if you are an exciting number 1 or 9 woman.

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Cuir Garamante

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 22nd March 2016

  Some people must say: MDCI is for Russians! Lucky these Russians, then. This one is the perfume of Romanov's Tzars.

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Carnal Flower

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 21st March 2016

  Dew in the morning, red and mature in the afternoon, dry and aged at the end of the day. The life of a flower.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 18th March 2016

  Sweet sugared caramel and Vanilla, small lift of orange, somehow, a cookie factory's scent.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 17th March 2016

  Herb's gelid notes and some hints of fire. I am going to fight my enemies. No one can stand me. I am alone! Brutal!

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 16th March 2016

  In fifteen years, Mito shall be a reference of absolutely niche perfumerie. When you idealise your perfect woman, she will wear it. And you can also try it on. You are …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 15th March 2016

  The wilderness desert fragrance: smoked (on the top) spicy desert pine and moist cedar tones on a challenging scent. It changes from one harvest to the next as this is …

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Multiple Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 14th March 2016

  Chemistry for the new century or how can we start to learn the future on perfumery: transparent metalic watery trends, in MR, a fruity and spicy baseline. You must try …

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Musc Alize

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 11th March 2016

  Typical CSP metalic vanille combined with some musky flowers. A great perfume for the day.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 10th March 2016

  Jules Verne was born in 1828. Not a perfume for a science fiction journey, but an energizing spicy scent for every day. Have your feet on the ground!

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 9th March 2016

  Bertrand Duchaufour is the most prolific and unfaithful nose of our time. Sometimes (many times) a master (in some Neela Vermeir or MDCI perfumes). From the long list o …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 8th March 2016

  I am lying down on a lounge chair at the pool deck of Aquapura's hotel at the end of a mid September afternoon. The hotel is at the bottom of two valleys and kisses the …

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Dark Aoud

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 7th March 2016

  Start your Oud travel with this one: deep projection, the smell on you will last for hours and everybody around you will notice you. Avoid it if you prefer to be the hu …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 4th March 2016

  Visceral, colerical, adored, intense, complex (almost everything in the bottle), modern and yet super classy: the Homage to Klaus Kinski by Geza Schoen, the magician of …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 3rd March 2016

  Blind buy… Sometimes I take it. We must not ignore our kids, although this sweet almond/vanilla vibe is dull (it suffers in comparison with several others PR). Blind …

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Bois d’ Ombrie

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 2nd March 2016

  Bois d'Ombrie is the most unusual and provocative perfume of Ed'I. Gourmand (alcohoolic by the cognac) and yet transparent (iris and vetyver) and also classic (smoky le …

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Sa Majesté La Rose

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 1st March 2016

  Like "Carnal Flower" to the tubereuse, SMLR goes from the green roses to the very mature smell (some woodish tones help). A monument to the most used ingredient in perf …

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23-Drama Nui

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 29th February 2016

  An original combination of fruit (berries, plum…), flowers (roses) and massive doses of Boadicea's heavy take, but all bold. Ginni Rometty's perfume when she is on a …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 26th February 2016

  Boadicea, the Iceni Tribe (Wales) warrior queen  that shook the Roman Empire, screams of war: opoponax, resins, leather. Unbreakable.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 25th February 2016

  Girls, the tubereuse mood started with Fracas (1948). The master Germaine Cellier created a perpetual rosy bouquet with several flowers, some musky woody base and on to …

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Fleurs de Gardenia

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 24th February 2016

  Disregard the name of the perfume. I just love receiving an admirable bouquet of flowers. Much better than the old 24 roses shot! And nevertheless, so elegant.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 23rd February 2016

  Pierre Marcolini (chocolatier), please inspire yourself on this scent to craft the new P Marcolini's truffle!

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Eau Noire

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 22nd February 2016

  Hedi Slimane's elegant design of the bottle that Francis Kurkdjian filled with a pack of a spicy coffee world. Unusual but ultra-wearable. Meeting, lunching with a hot …

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