Un Bateau Pour Capri

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Frolicking in the water, getting kissed by the sun and having a steamy summer affair... All things you should only ever do in Capri and wearing nothing but the sunnier, most riveting and most appropriate of fragrances, of course. Un Bateau Pour Capri will keep your secrets safe this summer. Get it here. - Nadar nas águas azuis do Mediterrâneo, apanhar banhos de …

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Au Lac

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The passion of Vittoria Colonna and Umberto Boccioni in a bottle. The buzz of the future and the stillness of the past. Get it here. - A paixão de Vittoria Colonna e Umberto Boccioni num frasco. O burburinho do futuro e a quietude do passado. Compre-o aqui.

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