Taking the Cuco for a walk at Hotel Portugal

Posted By SOTD CLUB / 31st January 2017 / 0 Comments

Ontem o Hotel Portugal fez três anos e foi a oportunidade perfeita para levarmos o nosso Cuco a dar uma volta.
O Scent Evangelist desvendou o mundo misterioso dos perfumes aos convidados e temos o prazer de dizer que o Cuco se portou muito bem.
Feliz Aniversário, Hotel Portugal.
Que festa!


Yesterday Hotel Portugal, in Lisbon, turned three and it was the perfect opportunity for our Cuco to go out for a walk.
Our Scent Evangelist went around unveiling the mysterious world of perfumes and scents to the guests, and we’re pleased to say our Cuco behaved perfectly.
Happy birthday, Hotel Portugal.
What a party!

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