Few perfumes surprised me as much as Pure Addiction. There is a new trend asking for blended herbal notes, more precisely around hashish/cistus leafs. Pure Addiction was released at the same time as Smoke for the Soul (by Kilian) and In Pursuit of Magic (Diane Pernet), and it is the one that better meets all expectations: much more vibrant than Smoke for the Soul, by the fresh Vietnam’s basil pinch on the top, and much bolder and long lasting than In Pursuit of Magic. Pure Addiction is one of my most complimented fragrances when I wear it. Some of my friends made me order it for them. This means that it is additive.

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Top: Basil of Vietnam, Cardamom of Guatemala, Cloves of Madagascar, Italian Bergamot
Heart: Woody, Cedar of Virginia, French clary Sage, Spanish Cistus, Precious Wood
Base: Amber, Musky – Amber, White Musk, Spanish Cistus, Indonesian Patchouli

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