• We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.
  • We selected our best scents for you. Come and find them with Learning Around the Cuco at Loja das Meias and Oficina Mustra in Lisbon.

Cuir Garamante

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 18th August 2016

Some people must say: MDCI is for Russians! Lucky these Russians, then. This one is the perfume of Romanov’s Tzars.

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Tabac Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 12th August 2016

Pierre Guillaume’s masterpiece on Phaedon brand: sophistication on spicy tobacco, cocoa and some vanilla. Much more sophisticated and elegant than Tobacco Vanille (Tom Ford), b …

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Fougère Royale

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 5th August 2016

The superlative smell that became a classic scent. Pricey? Who cares: you are wearing Houbigant and it gives you extra confidence to face your day.

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Sa Majesté La Rose

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 2nd August 2016

Like “Carnal Flower” to the tubereuse, SMLR goes from the green roses to the very mature smell (some woodish tones help). A monument to the most used ingredient in perfumery: …

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Don’t get me wrong baby I don’t swallow

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 19th July 2016

But is it mandatory?

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 12th July 2016

Mekon’s river calmness and a cruise. You are so charming and quiet.

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Multiple Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 7th July 2016

Chemistry for the new century or how can we start to learn the future on perfumery: transparent metalic watery trends, in MR, a fruity and spicy baseline. You must try it!

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Eau Noire

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 5th July 2016

Hedi Slimane’s elegant design of the bottle that Francis Kurkdjian filled with a pack of a spicy coffee world. Unusual but ultra-wearable. Meeting, lunching with a hot girlfrie …

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Lavender Palm

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 1st July 2016

A Yann Vasnier trace in this creation for the TF’ Private Line. TF’s summer scent: everything is beautiful, elegant and balanced.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 28th June 2016

  Natural oud produced in 1980 and bottled 2 years ago. Priceless discovery suggested by Chris. 2 other frags rely on my bank safe box.

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 24th June 2016

  Such high expectations for this new Alessandro Gualtieri line. Far from the dull Boccanera, but with the same sweet vibe, Brutus has a surprisingly fresh spicy notes. I …

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Jasmin Rouge

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 20th June 2016

  Some women go crazy with it. Me too, when I am allowed to follow the waft of the scent of their air. Crazy with the jasmin vibe? Or with the sage, mandarin, pintch of g …

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Putain des palaces

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 15th June 2016

  7 a.m. Powdery roses in the air. I hate the guy who is sleeping in my bed. “Baby, it’s time you to leave!”

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 14th June 2016

  Creed is the most aristocratic lineage of perfumery. It couldn’t create a provocative perfume. Aventus pineapple, apple, musky air, it’s so fucking good!

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Pomegranate Noire

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 8th June 2016

A light but very long-lasting fruity (pomegranate, raspberry, rhubarb…) scent. Please tell me if you are going to bite me. If not, I will combine it with Explorer (by Boadicea) …

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Ninfeo Mio

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 2nd June 2016

  6am in the morning at Ninfeo gardens: Italian lemon and the “limpid” scent of galbanum for the shy sun at dawn. I walk, powdery fig leaves come into me.

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“X” for Men

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 27th May 2016

  Clive’s signature “the most expensive perfume in the world” leads some noses/trendsetters to hate their perfumes. I adore them. I wear it when I want to feel like …

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Lyric Man

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 26th May 2016

  Can a man scatter rose petals around him? Of course, when in a combo of rough oud or in this case, a very subtle and classy incense, bergamot and vanille are added.

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Rose Noir

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 25th May 2016

  “- Do I care about the synthethic musk-rose combo if this one is so feminine and elegant? This time, Clark, it’s up to me to say: ‘- Frankly, I don’t give a dam …

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Jubilation XXV

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 24th May 2016

  It seems that 50% of the world considers it the best perfume. The other 49.9% is almost as affirmative. But some people simply don't understand it. What do you think?

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Eau de Fleur de L’ Oranger

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 23rd May 2016

  Mad et Len's smashing dark petigrain lifted with a geranio/minty touch and heavy musc. Powerfull and beautiful. The scent of a Sauvignon Blanc.

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L’Air du Désert Marrocain

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 20th May 2016

  Fatal. Panty dropper top tier! I've sprayed it on for this evening. Watch out, girls!

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Opulent Classic 77

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 19th May 2016

  Mr Rothschild agenda for today: 9:30-12:00: board meeting; 13:00-16:00: Chairman at Art Foundation Awards; 17:00-19:00 Meeting with Mr. Sharkovsky.

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Geranium Pour Monsieur

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 18th May 2016

  Like GIT (Creed) or Invasion Barbare (MDCI), when you spray it on, you will always be better than you really are. 10/10 on these type of scents (or this type of scent). …

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Pear and Olive

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 17th May 2016

  In 1922 Krigler added crystal to the amazing Sparkling Diamond. In the XXI century, Pear+Olive follows it (there are other companies like Andy Tauer but not as pretty). …

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Rose 31

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 16th May 2016

  It's already a longlasting and powerful perfume. Try to spray previously on your skin Molecule 01 (by Escentric Molecules). The Iso E Super molecule will punch the Isso …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 13th May 2016

  The booziest perfume ever : blasts and blasts of dark rum with some sweet tonka beans and loads of cocoa mixed with vanille. B Duchaufour on a hyper mega gourmand pictu …

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Posted By SOTD CLUB, 12th May 2016

  More complex than Xerjoff's or FKM's ouds. And also less brutal. Lightly citrusy, then osmanthus, some balsamic wood and on the drydown, BANG, oud, oud. High end ingred …

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Ambra Aurea

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 11th May 2016

  Take a deep breath. Hold it. Spray on Ambra. Don't spray it on twice or somebody is going to get hurt.

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Oud Imperial

Posted By SOTD CLUB, 10th May 2016

  Fighting head to head with the Montale oud army to decide on the best oud (100ml) less than 150dls. Where OI lacks some sharpness, it gains in its natural take. I have …

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